Monday, October 1, 2012

A Very Glittery First Birthday

It's monday and I have the post-party blues. This past weekend my baby girl had her very first birthday party. There was an abundance of pink, glitter, and red balloons. It was everything that a first birthday should be.

When it comes to throwing parties for the girls, I try to play super-mum and make everything myself. After all, hand-made is always better than store-bought, no? Everything that you see in the following pictures were either made by myself or my sister. I must also mention my mum who cooked two tables full of main dishes that I forgot to photograph (oops).

Seeing my two girls eyes light up that morning when they were greeted with hundreds of balloons and all the pretty food and decorations just made my day. It may have been my daughter's birthday but their giant grins were the best present I could ever receive. For anyone keen on planning their own party, full details at the bottom of the page.

- The gold fish scale feature wall was made from circles cut out of tissue paper then layered onto foam board. It may look impressive but it really took no more than three hours to make. 
- Tissue paper pom poms are my go-to party decor. They're inexpensive, easy to make and looks great. Here's a great tutorial.
- The glitter bunting was made with scrapbook paper and ribbons. I lined each flag with doubled sided tape and then applied glitter. The tape ensures a neat and uniform edge.
- For the Happy Birthday garland, I first printed the words on the computer then traced and cut them out of thick stock paper. The rest is pretty straight forward, glue, glitter and string up.

- My wonderful sister (baker extraordinaire) kindly offered to bake the birthday cake. The bottom tier is a classic chiffon and cream cake. The chiffon was baked in three layers of different shades creating an ombre effect. The top tier was intended to be a smash cake for the birthday girl. The ruffles along with the cake toppers were all made from fondant. 
- My sister also made the gorgeous macaron cupcakes. Funny story, we actually started off with 150 macarons but after consuming almost the entire batch we had to use the remaining 15 as cupcake toppers. 
- One of my favourite ways to serve strawberries is with a little drizzle of balsamic reduction. You can find the recipe here in a previous blog post. 
- These donut brownies were inspired by a similar milk and cookies display I saw on Pinterest. I used mini donut pans to bake my brownies in but you could easily use a bit of foil for the same effect. 
- Luckily for me, pavlovas are readily available at the supermarket in all shapes and sizes here in Australia. All I needed to do was add a spoonful of double cream and a drizzle of passionfruit syrup. But if you're interested in making your own pav, I have a great recipe here
- No-bake cheesecakes are a fast and easy alternative to your regular baked cheesecake. Plus with this method you can go crazy with presentation. The white chocolate shards on the cheesecake have edible glitter and crushed macarons set in them. 
- Store bought shortbread is a lot less fragile than homemade which makes them much better as party food. Here I paired it with David Lebovitz chocolate fudge sauce. See here for a homemade version.
- The quintessential party food, fairy bread. No further explanation necessary.


Jeans and a Teacup said...

Wow. This is amazing! I don't think my wedding was as nicely decorated as this...haha.

Stephanie said...

what a lucky girl, such a glamorous first birthday! she's so cute, you did an amazing job =)

Always Maylee said...

Omg, wow. I'm speechless. That cake. The decor. All the desserts look so pretty. Everything looks beautiful. My birthday is next month, will you plan it for me!? :)

xo, Yi-chia
Always Maylee

A Very Sweet Blog said...

Jenee, her party was exquisite! It was so befitting and it looks like something out of a magazine. I applaud you! Everyone did a fabulous job. I have to admire these pictures again. hahaha Get some rest, but I know it's a good feeling. Just to see the looks on their faces was gratitude enough.

Elise Mooijman said...

What a beautiful cake it looks soo yummmy You must have spend so much time and effort in making all that delicious food.


fabulouspetite said...

OMG Jenee, you are really a super mom ! Very great decor and the food not only look yummy but also cute and pretty. The appreciation from our little ones are always the greatest compliments. It just makes our hearts melt... Happy First birthday to your pretty daugther !

This is soooo cute. Both of you really look awesome and nailed it. Thank God you didn't hurt a bit. I have not stapled my fingers yet so let you know, lol. Have a great day !


Elle Sees said...

um, can I have this for my birthday this month?

Unknown said...

Wow! You and your sister (and I guess your mum too) are so talented! It's lovely! :)


wendeelee said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LITTLE AUD! What are the chances of me borrowing that gold fish scale wall for my photo booth at the wedding??? And I am so tempted to get your sis to bake our cake… do you think she would be interested?
I AM SO IMPRESSED MISSY!!!!!! Now you have to hold a party for me… hehe. Glad you are having so much fun back with your babies and family!

noone said...

aww the cake looks delicious and love the decorations!!

Sheila said...

Oh wow... everything just looks so pretty!! I love the way you set up all the little desserts and that ombre cake is wow!! :)

Happy 1st Birthday to you daughter! so cute!!

xo - Sheila

Gracey the Giant said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter! It looks like a wonderful party and you're definitely a shoe-in for Mom of the Year!

Rachel said...
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Unknown said...

Jenee, this party is totally insanely amazing! I cannot believe you made everything yourself and just love that ruffled cake--so so pretty. I will have to take a cake baking class after the decorating one is over as my baking skills really could use some help!
Love this and your little girls are so adorable--so glad that it all went so beautifully!

xo Mary Jo

leonie fanning said...

oh what beautiful children you have jenee, they are jus gorgeous, it all looks so amazing, im so glad you all had such fun, big kiss from dublin xx leonie

Sophie said...

Wowzer... you can do my Birthday parties if you want. Sophie X

Invitation To Inspiration said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet little one...<3

Unknown said...

OMG, that is one of the most fabulous party displays I've ever seen! I LOVE that scale wall, and the food all looks amazing! WOW, just gorgeous!

xo Jenny

Bravoe Runway said...

WOW! Ok let alone your daughter turned 1, I'd be happy if this were for my birthday coming up in Jan...I'll be 32. AHH.

The Avenue Vee said...

Wow this is wonderful! You should really be a professional party/event planner. Very well done my dear!

xx - Vee
The Avenue Vee

Sandy a la Mode said...

the decorations are flawless and all the food looks SOO good!! wish i could have gone! ;) the cake is fabulous!!

Sandy a la Mode

Marisa @ Broke with Designer Taste said...

Wow, this is incredible! The cutest birthday decorations I have ever seen. Perfectly Pin ready!


The Dragonfruit said...

Awww, that is one amazingly sweet birthday! Unforgettable :)

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Allison said...

I seriously wanted to cry as I was looking through these photos (OK, I'm a super emotional person anyways) BUT REALLY, I have never seen this much effort put into any birthday party EVER, let alone one for a 1-year old. This is the most gorgeous, sweet gift you've done for your daughter (with your amazing family's help) and it makes me a bit excited to have kids to do things like this for. You are a super mom. Your girls are really lucky to have you. And a side note- I wish I could have had one of every single one of those deserts!! :)
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Anonymous said...

OH my goodness!!! That is the most fabulous party I've ever seen!! Happy Birthday to your little sweetie:)
xo, amy

Dea said...

One word: CUTE!

Chocolate Cookies & Candies said...

I'm just in awe!! I couldn't stop marveling at the incredibly beautiful and scrumptious delights on the table. They look like they're made by a professional catering firm. I think you and your sister should get into the party catering business.

Amy said...

You totally have out done yourself on this party! I'm speechless, just beautiful! Love every little detail!

xo Amy
Leopard and Lillies

s said...

love love love! Oooh i didn't know that you were into party planning too!! (its one of my hobbies!) every detail is so pretty and i'm in love with the gold accents esp the backdrop at the head table!!!!! love!

Magaly Gonzalez said...

thas a really amazing party!
love all of that! :D

c said...

amazing pics and the cake is perfect!!


ps. we are now giving away 10 $5 giftcards of Dino Direct!

Unknown said...

This is absolutely the most gorgeous birthday ever!

xo, Courtney

About Last Weekend said...

So so pretty, that is one very lucky lovely little girl! Happy Birthday sweetpea!

Unknown said...

Wow, you and your sister are to completely talented and creative! This is such a beautiful set up for any kind of birthday and it's so special that you did this for your daughter. I love love love your blog, I just started following you so I can keep up with your awesomeness!

Rachel @ Making Life Fabulous said...

Wow, I'm speechless! This is such a beautiful party! Your daughter is very lucky to have such a talented mama! :)

Stevia said...

your two little girls are adorable!!!!
and the party looks ahmazing!!! you did a wonderful job

I'm your 379th follower
hopefully you'd follow back :)

The Sweetest Escape 

Josephine said...

What an amazing party! All the little details are absolutely gorgeous. Your daughters are so lucky to have you as a mother. Your one year old must have had the best time :) Love this.

<3 Josephine

Elisabeth said...

Wow !!
Great birthday ! (:
I really love your post (:

xx from

Anonymous said...

Such a lucky baby! A beautiful birthday party. Great achievement Jenee!


Street Fashion Paris said... cute!!! xx

daggistr said...

OMG it looks soooo gorgeous ! amazing party for swwet baby <3 ...would You like to follow each other ? just let me know :)

Loulou said...

I am blown away by the beauty you created. What a lucky little girl to have such a lovely party thrown in her honour. And also what lucky people to have been invited to such a gathering. Obviously much love here!

I'll be following along to see what other amazing things you get up to :)

Diana Abaroa said...

I love it, so girly and pretty!! My aunt's party is this Sunday, and I was thinking to use the pink + golden combo, and make some pom poms....I'll take some inspiration from yours...Thanks for sharing this beautiful pictures of such a great moment...Enjoy your day!! :)

Delusions of Grandeur said...

Jenee, thanks for swinging by my blog and saying "hi", and I'm so glad you did - you are pretty much my party planning/decorating idol!!! Immediate new follower here, and I cannot wait to go through your archived posts - you are so talented! The party was just gorgeous, and happy 1st birthday to your precious little one!

Laura said...

This is the most adorable first birthday party ever - such cute ideas! I'll be saving these ideas for the future even though I don't have babies yet! :)

Alyssa said...

This came out BEYOND gorgeous. I can't believe how talented you should seriously go into party planning. I'm pinning everything for inspiration!

The Glossy Life

Jessica said...

holy shit! this is the classiest party ever especially for a one year old, what a lucky baby! i might have to hire you to throw my next bday party ahha


Cravingforbarneys said...

Omg! This is the BEST happy birthday party I have ever seen!! You should make of that a bussines! You are master of organazing parties!

! * ♔ ♥... !*~ ღ tokkii autumn 토 끼 가 을 ღ ~*!:♡ ♔ * said...

Wow awesome :)

Looks fantastic, and I love your blog! visit your sweet post and do comment my post , would be great to follow me back ! FOLLOW :) xx

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! That looks absolutely adorable. Perfect party

Xo, Rachel

Bettina said...

This party is stunning! The decor and all of the treats are divine! My birthday is next week and I would love for it to look just like this lol I guess I have a lot in common with your little girl :)

trishie said...

What a beautiful party! Everything looks stunning, oh wow, you have outdone yourself, your little girl is so lucky to have a mom like you!

Tribute to the Tribe said...

Sooooo cute!!!!

Borjana said...

Wow!This looks amazing!;)

simplyvonne said...

OMG I LOVEE LOVE LOVE and I loveee the cake!!! I cant believe your sister baked that!!! I would think you order it from a high class baker! awesome job on the decor! When K turned 1 i went overboard and did a lot but isnt it sooo worth it even though they wont remember a thing haha IT's definitely a lot of work to plan a 1 yr party hehe

xx Macie said...

How gorgeous. You have a lucky girl. Hang on to these pictures so she can see them when she's older. :)

amen fashion xo.

Jessica said...

Wow! First, what adorable little girls. They are definitely lucky to have a wonderful mom like you.

Everything is so beautiful. You know how to throw a party.

Sabrina said...

Ohhh, that is adorable! The decorations, your little girl, everything! I only hope that I can pull off as wonderful a first birthday with my own future child as you did!

With love from San Francisco, California,

xix said...

Oh. My. God. Jenee, you are definitely super mom!! This birthday party you threw is beautiful - I adore your gold scalloped pattern. It's wonderful. And all that food...oh gosh, your kids are ever so lucky! :)

X i x i a ❥

audrinajulia said...

HiJenee! I maybe late commenting on this but I can't pass this post without saying how brilliant you are in planning and making it all happen! It looks like I'm into Pinterest seeing all your photos!In love with everything! My eldest daughter says how amazing you are as a mom! She'll be celebrating her 18th birthday this year and I'm still clueless on what to do. Thank you dear for giving me a bright idea.:)

Belated to your youngest. She will be more proud and love you when she see all of this pics when she's grown up! Congrats for a successful party!

oppps sorry for the long comment.:)

S said...

This is the "most awesomest" Birthday Party I have ever seen, that too a Handmade/homemade one ! Congratulations to you for making it so beautiful,vibrant and creative. The photographs say it all.
What am I loving right now ?
The goldfish scales made of tissue paper,
The frilly white Birthday cake{ looks like a baby's frilly frock and love those three layers of pink spiral icing at the bottom, looks like roses of three shades/hues}- most awesome homemade cake I have seen in years !}
The Pom-Poms,
The table decor with the food.
You have amazing sense of color, the atmosphere is looking so vibrant and pleasing at the same time because of the pastel color theme.
have a wonderful day !

Heather said...

OMG you are amazing! This seriously looks professional, and I'm not sure what you do for a living but this is it! You have an amazing talent!


Rachel said...

Oh wow! That looks like an amazing 1st birthday party!

Tammy said...

Oh my, what gorgeous photos!! Happy Birthday to your little one!! You are just one fabulous mama! :)


Madhumita Chakravarty said...

Aww, your baby is so adorable!! And what a grand 1st birthday it must have been! :D
Stumbled across your blog and I love it!
I'm a newbie, Wish we could follow each other? :)
Much Love,

dress up files said...

I am thoroughly impressed!! My 2nd daughter's birthday is in 2 weeks and I'm feel about 2 inches tall compared to you! I'm most impressed with the fish scale background. I'm really not crafty though..should I attempt it or not? How large of a board did you have to get? Did I say you're amazing??

Lorena said...

I totally agree.... nothing like home made :)
And the party looks amazing, there is so much attention to detail... you outdid yourself mommy!

Lindsay K said...

Aww... This is the perfect girly birthday party. Hats off to you- you really are a wonder woman for making this happen!

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