Friday, January 4, 2013

Friday's Fancies: Reliving Christmas

Well Christmas may have come and gone but I still refuse to say good-bye. Those few days out of the year are the only ones where you can feast without judgement, shop like there's no tomorrow and drink like a fish, all while spending it with your nearest and dearest whom you never get to see enough of. Is it just me, or does everyone seem a little lonelier come January? The new year may have officially started but that doesn't mean I can't hold onto those moments just a tad bit longer. Especially when they remind me of such warmer weather. Note to self, spend Christmas in Australia whenever possible. I promise after this post, there will be no more mention of all this bah humbug well, at least not for the next 12 months. For now, please indulge me for a moment.  

Spending a rare Christmas together with both my sister and cousin (who's like a sister as well). The last time we spent the holidays together was well over five years ago. Though life takes us on different directions (and continents) it's good to know that we will always have each other. Anyone who's ever had a sister will understand how strong that bond is.

Ah presents, definitely a highlight. So much effort each year goes into the funding, the brainstorming, the actual shopping, then the wrapping, the embellishing and finally, the unwrapping. But you know what, I wouldn't have it any other way. There's no better feeling than watching loved ones open gifts that you've carefully hand selected and wrapped. 

Not wanting to be outdone by my scrumptious turkey (or so I tell myself). In walks my mum on Christmas morning with 4 dozen fresh oysters, 2 kgs of rock lobster and the biggest wild caught barramundi anyone had ever seen. I'm almost sure that fish was older than both my daughters combined. Needless to say, Christmas dinner was spectacular this year. 

This sign makes me giddy, don't ask me why. Every time I see it, I feel like a little kid getting cookies ready for Santa. I don't even remember how many detours I've taken last month just so I could see it. Please tell me I'm not the only one that does things like this.   

It just isn't a party unless you're wearing a paper hat. Someone really should make Christmas bon-bons (or Christmas cracker) mainstream in America and save me the trouble of ordering from the UK or Australia. 


Victoria Talia said...

These are such beautiful, happy pictures! I agree, in January, everyone seems to become a bit more lonely. Suddenly, everyone takes down their Christmas lights and everything is less sparkly and festive. But if we were to leave the decor up for the entire year, we'd take it for granted and it wouldn't be as exciting anymore. So I guess we can't win either way. But at least there's always something to look forward to :)

Rachel said...

That pink dress is amazing! January is definitely a weird month- especially the beginning right after the holidays.

Alyssa said...

You look so lovely in that first picture! Your holiday looks like a dream–I'm so sad it's over, too! Now I only have spring/summer to look forward to!

The Glossy Life

fabulouspetite said...

Hi Jenee, first of all you girls all look fabulous. It is not just you, I feel the same way too that January seems to be a downer. I always loved the holidays and always will, it brings back the kid in me ! Thank you for sharing this beautiful pictures and Happy New Year.


Anonymous said...

Great that you got to spend Christmas with your close family members. It must be even more special when you don't see each other that often. I really enjoyed reading about your adventures in Australia. Can't wait to see what your next posts from the US will be about. xo


Always Maylee said...

I can't get over how gorgeous you look in that dress! And man that is a big fish! Happy weekend! :)

xo, Yi-chia
Always Maylee

ACT said...

Such a pretty dress! Lovely pictures!!

xo Ashley

A Very Sweet Blog said...

jenee, you ladies had a SPECTACULAR Christmas! i would still be talking about it too and thanks for sharing. love the dresses you ladies wore and omg'd that fish! HUGE! glad you had a great time. the next one will be here before you know it.

Allison said...

You always have the most amazing photos. I seriously want to come to christmas at your house next year. Except I don't want to be in the cold. Maybe I can come with you and we can go to Australia? That sounds pretty good. I love how much effort you put into everything. And how cute is your mom? Seriously, she's so pretty! And you, your sister & cousin are all gorgeous and I love the RGB! :)

A's Fashion Files
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Amy said...

Merry Christmas! Sounds like you had a wonderful time with your family!

xo Amy

Leopard and Lillies

Jo said...

Christmas is one of my favourite occasions and I could see it is yours too. Isn't it lovely to spend Christmas with your loved ones? You must have really enjoyed yourself so much.

PS: That is a real huge fish!

Crazy Style Love said...

Wow, so many great photos! Sounds like your Christmas was full of fabulous food, family and love. I agree, I just LOVE Christmas time! I definitely get a little bored and lonely come January! :)

xo Jenny

Cravingforbarneys said...

You have ana amazing family! Xoxo

Unknown said...

Such beautiful pics!!! I'm in love with the first pic dresses!!!
have a look on my blog and we could follow each other if you like it :)

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