Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Being a military family, my husband constantly tells me how much evil exists in the world. He says most people are naive and fail to accept reality. I tell him he's wrong, that people just choose to see the good in every situation. As I am typing this, I suddenly realise he's right, that to an extent we ARE all naive.

When I first learnt of the Boston explosions, I tried to rationalise saying perhaps it was a troubled teen who accidentally set off firecrackers? My husband shook his head and called me "blonde". Look at the situation he said, it's clearly terrorism.

"Oh did they officially declare that?" I asked.

"Just look at the facts- multiple detonations, multiple locations, mass carnage." He replied.

Of course, being a seasoned veteran it's easy for him to read these kind of situations. Those who deal with world events on a daily basis exist in a different reality to the rest of us. To them, we look like pawns who walk through life in a merry little bubble. It's not our fault we view the world in rose tint glasses, we just simply do not have the same access to information. Surprisingly, it is also we, the ordinary folks who have this immense influence over how the world is run. The power of the individual was none more present than during the aftermath of the Boston bombings. Emergency and police departments took to social media to help spread their messages. Tell everyone we need more blood they tweeted, tell everyone to steer clear of the blast zone, tell everyone our blood supply is at full capacity but will need more donations next week...

We as a nation are a compassionate bunch. Our biggest fear and disbelief is that there are people out there who's sole purpose is to hurt us. It's something we often fail to comprehend and as a result are quick to blame ourselves for their selfish acts. Were we not nice enough? Did we offend them? Could we have done something different?

It is exactly this compassion and kind heartedness that evil doers take advantage of, it also happens to be the very thing that differentiates us.

If there is anything we can take away from the Boston bombings, it's that this country refuses to be pushed around. Sure you can try to wreak havoc but it will only unite us stronger. Darkness may have descended for a few hours on Monday but once the smoke cleared it was a scene of hope, faith and love. People came together from all walks of life to help out in any way they could. It's clear that humanity isn't lost, some people just choose the wrong path.

My husband may be right, there is a lot more evil in this world than we care to admit, but I'm going to continue believing in the good not because I'm naive, but because that's who I am. We cannot let any amount of terrorism or fear change our identity.

Thank you for reading. I know this space is usually reserved for frivolities, but posting on anything else this week just seemed insignificant. We will be back to our regular features next week.


shay said...

this was a wonderful, wonderful post.

As a Boston resident, I can honestly say that this tragedy has only proven the good in the world. The outpouring of compassion and love in the city, as well as from every other corner in the world, has been astounding xx

Unknown said...

This is a beautiful post. I hope we all continue to see the good even amongst such sadness. thank for sharing. My thoughts are prayers are with Boston x

Anonymous said...

"I'm going to continue believing in the good not because I'm naive, but because that's who I am" - I agree with you. At least we can choose how we want to see life.


It's really so sad, and horrific what happened. But, in a positive light, people have been incredibly supportive. We just heard from our friends who are safe there now. Such a lovely post.

audrinajulia said...

That's normally the situation everytime my husband and I talking on current issues. But I certainly believe that there's a good ratio between good vs evil and believing on the positive thoughts of life. However I certainly understand why they see things on different aspects.


Unknown said...

thank you for this, im crying again over this because you are right, as a nation we refuse to believe that someone would purposely bring harm to us and the evil must have been provoked and maybe even stopped with an act of kindness. we banded together like we always do (which I wish we did more) and we will push forward :)
brooke @ what2wear

Unknown said...

What has happened is just terrible! Be strong and continue believing in good people :)


Always Maylee said...

Such a well-written post, thank you for that. The number of good people who came out during this tragedy really made me proud of my city. This is why Bostonians are always so proud and quick to tell people where they are from. Because we love our city and we are strong.

xo, Yi-chia
Always Maylee

Alyssa said...

This was so well-written. When tragedies like this happy, as hard as it is, I try to focus on the good coming out of people. There are so many amazing stories.

fabulouspetite said...

Super beautiful post. well written like you always do. I always try to find the goodness from anybody and refuse to believe that anyone can do such a harm. But why would be some are just plain evil? After hearing the news last Monday, in my mind I already have a small idea that it is again another terrorism attack. For all we know, there's a plentiful of countries that does not like U.S.A at all. Have a great weekend.


Mrs C said...

When human lives have no value to another human being, that's when we know that the world has gone berserk! Me and Captain were glued to the TV watching CNN and none of us said anything.. we were just stunned :(


Chocolate Cookies & Candies said...

Jenee, you've said it so beautifully with such compassion and wisdom. I'm at a loss to comprehend that someone could be so evil but I'm a firm believer that the good will always prevail. After all, even the devil fears God, right?

Unknown said...

This post is wonderful Stay strong Boston, Stay Bless Boston
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Unknown said...

It's really difficult to fathom why these things occur. How and why someone would want to hurt another person. Innocent people that are unknown to them. I simply don't understand.

This is really a wonderfully written and compassionate post. My heart and thoughts go out to all in Boston to get through this tragedy.

xx Mandi
Find Me A Muse

A Very Sweet Blog said...

This has been such a sad situation. I've been following the events on tv. I'm praying for you guys. This is so hard to understand.

tr3ndygirl influencer e fashion blogger said...

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Natalia | Look-A-Porter said...

You know, I think you both right - he's right in a way that there's always a reson behind certain things and you are right about people believing in good stuff... I don't think it's about being naive, but more about believing that there's still more good than bad around us.

Unknown said...

Jenee, I'm so glad you wrote about this and in such a considered way. It is hard sometimes to chose whether to try and see the good and stay happy, when we also know that there are a darker omnipresent reality. No easy answers to this one...

xo Mary Jo

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