Friday, March 29, 2013

Chinese Marble Tea Eggs

With Easter right upon us, chances are you've probably seen your fair share of egg decorating ideas, but indulge me for a minute because I have one more to share. While these marble tea eggs don't necessarily classify as an 'Easter activity', they do however involves eggs, which makes them somewhat relevant.

Tea eggs are one of my favourite ways to cook eggs. Simmered in a fragrant broth of black tea, soy sauce and spices, the eggs are elevated from a humble hard-boiled egg into something beautiful and complex in flavour. The mulling process permeates the whites of the egg so that even the yolks are infused with a hint of tea and spice. These eggs are as common to Chinese homecooking as cheeseburgers are to America. Generally consumed as a snack either warm or cold from the fridge, these eggs make a great addition to any meal. Add them over ramen, in a rice bowl, or even as the basis of an Asian inspired deviled egg. Personally, I like to have them for breakfast, slice in half, warmed up and with a splash of the tea marinade over the yolk.

Chinese Marble Tea Eggs
1 dozen eggs
2x star anise
1x cinnamon stick
3-4 bay leaves
1 tsp peppercorns
2x dried orange peel
2x tea bags (any type of black tea will work)
4 tbsp soy sauce
1 tbsp five-spice powder

1. Boil eggs till soft-boiled, approximately 6 minutes
2. Bring a large pot with 4 cups water to boil. Add tea bags, spices, soy sauce and five-spice powder and let it simmer. Reduce broth by 1/4 before adding eggs.
3. Lightly crack the shell on the eggs but do not peel. Either gently tap with the back of a spoon, or roll the eggs lightly on table.
4. Place cracked eggs in tea broth, bring to a boil and continue simmering for one hour.
5. If eggs are not completely submerged, rotate after every half hour. Add more water if necessary.
6. Remove from heat, cool and refrigerate the eggs in the tea broth.
7. The flavour will continue to develop overnight. Tea eggs are best consumed the next day and the day after. Peel egg just before serving.


Anonymous said...

How pretty! I've heard of these before but have never tried them... they sound delicious!

Anonymous said...

You have made it look so easy !! But this is extremely beautiful. Forget eating, can't take eyes off them.

Much Love
The Heiress Blog

Mrs C said...

We have something like this in my home country too. Nicely done!


Rachel said...

These are so unique- what a fun idea!

Alyssa said...

This is so interesting...I've never heard of this before! I love trying things from different cultures, so I'll definitely be making these as some point. Plus, they're so pretty!

Natalia | Look-A-Porter said...

What a wonderful idea and beautiful result. Thank you very much for sharing the recipe! x

The Dragonfruit said...

Whoa...way cooler spin on the whole dying eggs tradition! I love it *_*

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A Very Sweet Blog said...

Jenee, I learned something new doll. They are exquisite! Gorgeous photos. Wishing you and your family a Happy Easter!

Anonymous said...

I have never seen eggs being prepared in this manner. I wonder what they taste like... Happy Easter weekend!


Anonymous said...

I've never heard of these, they are pretty and they sound really yum!

Unknown said...

WOW very well done :)
I wish I was as talented as you
Seems so easy when you do it but im totally unable to do the same :s


Coline ♡

Amy Shaughnessy said...

I have never heard of these before! I do boiled eggs every now and then when I think of it but this sounds so good!


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Anonymous said...

Making this right this moment. Combining a tad of your recipe with mummyicancook's recipe. Let's see how that taste at dinner tonight! :)


You know, if I could stand the taste of caffeine (Tea/coffee), I would totally try this, but gonna pass this on to my sister who is a tea and egg addict LOL!


Simona said...

I did have them in the past, but thought they were only marbled by tea. Thanks for explaining, love the picture with all the spices, gorgeous. Happy Easter!

Sybil said...

this is so cool!!! :D they look so rustic and almost like decorations!

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Anonymous said...

I think I tried something similar to yours, though I do not know the recipe...
It was great, I assume yours to be as well :)

Always Maylee said...

You make everything seem so easy and awesome. LOVE this!

xo, Yi-chia
Always Maylee

Misty, Handbags + Handguns said...

I'm one of the co-sponsors of the April Showers giveaway and a new follower. Hello! :)

Jo said...

I love these eggs! Thank you for sharing.

xo Jo

Carolyn said...

yum! my mom used to make this when i was a kid. good memories :)

Unknown said...

tea eggs are my absolute favorite snack.. i like the premake them for road trips :)


audrinajulia said...

This post reminded my childhood memories were my grandfather used to cook tea eggs for us. Love how beautiful your photos are. Belated Happy easter to you dear.:)


Chocolate Cookies & Candies said...

This is fabulous, Jenee. I often wondered how to make these tea eggs. I can't wait to try the recipe out. So in awe of your skills, you domestic goddess!

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