Tuesday, April 23, 2013


When it comes to remembering dates and anniversaries, I am the absolute worst. Naturally when {camo meets couture} one year mark rolled by it completely slipped my mind. And just like that this little blog is now one years old.

I first started {camo meets couture} on a whim but never in my wildest imagination thought I'd still be here blogging today. What could I possibly have to write about week after week, and who in their right mind would even want to read it? What began as a way out of my creative void has now very much become a way of life. I am so ever thankful for the wonderful opportunities and friends this blog has brought forth.

This past weekend the family and I found ourselves in a most remarkable location. A yellow sea of rapeseed flowers as far as the eyes could see converging on the horizon with the most brilliant shade of blue. The very essence of Spring. It served as the perfect opportunity to put together a special little photoshoot to commemorate {camo meets couture} very first birthday.

Thank you all so much for the continued support, it means the world.

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Being a military family, my husband constantly tells me how much evil exists in the world. He says most people are naive and fail to accept reality. I tell him he's wrong, that people just choose to see the good in every situation. As I am typing this, I suddenly realise he's right, that to an extent we ARE all naive.

When I first learnt of the Boston explosions, I tried to rationalise saying perhaps it was a troubled teen who accidentally set off firecrackers? My husband shook his head and called me "blonde". Look at the situation he said, it's clearly terrorism.

"Oh did they officially declare that?" I asked.

"Just look at the facts- multiple detonations, multiple locations, mass carnage." He replied.

Of course, being a seasoned veteran it's easy for him to read these kind of situations. Those who deal with world events on a daily basis exist in a different reality to the rest of us. To them, we look like pawns who walk through life in a merry little bubble. It's not our fault we view the world in rose tint glasses, we just simply do not have the same access to information. Surprisingly, it is also we, the ordinary folks who have this immense influence over how the world is run. The power of the individual was none more present than during the aftermath of the Boston bombings. Emergency and police departments took to social media to help spread their messages. Tell everyone we need more blood they tweeted, tell everyone to steer clear of the blast zone, tell everyone our blood supply is at full capacity but will need more donations next week...

We as a nation are a compassionate bunch. Our biggest fear and disbelief is that there are people out there who's sole purpose is to hurt us. It's something we often fail to comprehend and as a result are quick to blame ourselves for their selfish acts. Were we not nice enough? Did we offend them? Could we have done something different?

It is exactly this compassion and kind heartedness that evil doers take advantage of, it also happens to be the very thing that differentiates us.

If there is anything we can take away from the Boston bombings, it's that this country refuses to be pushed around. Sure you can try to wreak havoc but it will only unite us stronger. Darkness may have descended for a few hours on Monday but once the smoke cleared it was a scene of hope, faith and love. People came together from all walks of life to help out in any way they could. It's clear that humanity isn't lost, some people just choose the wrong path.

My husband may be right, there is a lot more evil in this world than we care to admit, but I'm going to continue believing in the good not because I'm naive, but because that's who I am. We cannot let any amount of terrorism or fear change our identity.

Thank you for reading. I know this space is usually reserved for frivolities, but posting on anything else this week just seemed insignificant. We will be back to our regular features next week.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Nashville: The Trunk Boutique

Recently, I had the pleasure of attending the grand relaunch of Nashville's first fashion truck- "The Trunk". Owner Abby Franklin fell upon the genius idea of using a food truck to sell accessories and menswear after failing to find a suitable brick and mortar location for her dream boutique. Abby's unique approach has created a one-of-a-kind shopping experience and a must-visit for any style seeking visitor to Music City. Even CNN recently got in on the action and published an in-depth article on The Trunk.

With the relaunch, The Trunk now stocks an amazing curated collection of women's clothing and accessories along with menswear. Trust me when I say it's amazing. Abby has been a long time stylist to the stars, so she knows a thing or two about fashion.  Her repertoire include dressing Michael Jackson, Prince, Creed, Bon Jovi and Madonna to name a few. In fact she was only in town long enough to see the relaunch her fashion truck before rejoining her husband on tour with Bon Jovi. Talk about being accomplished. 

As for the relaunch, not a detail was spared. From dainty nibbles and bubblies to free blow outs by Lucy's Pop Salon, a little blogger styling session and some photobooth fun. We were even sent home with an amazing swag bag by Pretty Pretty Pop Pop

Thanks Abby and Chris for the wonderful event. If you ever find yourself in Nashville, do your wardrobe a favour and stop by The Trunk.

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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Wardrobe Diaries: Weekend Sweat Suits

If you've followed this blog for sometime then you probably know by now my fascination with all things loungewear- sweatpants, sweatshirts, t-shirt dresses and so on. The truth is, despite all better judgement, there's just something about loungewear that I unexplainably love. For the sake of this outfit post I've decided it's about time I pinned down the root of this bizarre infatuation and in doing so, hopefully help others realize and understand their own love affair with what is sometimes perceived as a crime against fashion.

After spending a questionable amount of time in the shower (that's where all brilliant ideas originate right?) what I've come to realise is aesthetics and comfort only play a minor role in my love affair. A great pair of jeans is just as comfortable and much better looking so that can't be it. What I've ultimately realised is, it's the message one sends when wearing sweats that makes me love them so much. That easy effortless, I-couldn't-care-less-what-you-think-because-I'm-comfortable-in-my-own-skin appeal. We always associate loungewear with a carefree and laid back attitude and I think in this crazy day and age it's nice to be able to wear something that doesn't take itself too seriously.

But enough of me trying to be philosophical. I chanced upon this sweatshirt and sweatpant combo one day when I wasn't even meant to be shopping. The strategic colourblocking, flirty peplum waist and contrasting drawstring was just too pretty to pass up. It seems like all these years of loungewear idolising has finally lead me to serendipitously find the perfect sweat-suit (yay).

So tell me dear readers, are there certain items you love despite all better judgement?

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Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday's Fancies: Hello Spring

Happy friday folks! It's been so long since I last put together a Friday's Fancies post that I've apparently forgotten my usual template for it. Not to worry though, this week's photos are too pretty to be confined to a polaroid filter anyway. The truth is, things have been a little crazy lately. This is turning out to be one hectic year with no rest in sight. I can't wait to reveal more when the time comes, but for now, I apologise for my sporadic postings and late replies to your comments and emails.

Spring has been on my mind a lot this week. While the season officially begun a couple weeks ago, it hasn't really felt like Spring till now. So to celebrate, here are some pretty pictures of the prettiest season of the year. Happy Spring!

Loving this innovative way of growing tulips. With the tall vase, it almost looks like the tulips are in a terrarium. My garden gnome candle has popped up in so many blog photos that I'm sure you're all sick of it by now.  But I love it, it's such a fun whimsical addition to a table display and I just can't quite bring myself to light it. 

A picture says a thousand words right? This was my favourite image from the kid's Easter Egg hunt at Cheekwood Botanical Gardens in Nashville. It was the first time either of them have been on an egg hunt and I'm still hearing about it today. "Mum, I want to go on an egg hunt please" 

In place of traditional flowers, I'm loving the idea of displaying baskets of eggs for Spring. Brown eggs give off that homey country feeling, and look great when contrasted by white baskets and flowers. 

Getting excited by all the fresh new recipe ideas for Spring. I love trawling through Food Gawker and am also an avid Bon Appetit subscriber. 

I have been meaning to take this photograph ever since we first moved into our house some three years ago (my how time's flown). This pretty scene is right on the corner of the main street before turning into our neighbourhood. I'm hoping to one day do an oil painting of this image to hang up in the kid's bedroom. 

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Wardrobe Diaries: Moto Into Spring

When I was a little girl I never quite understood the importance my mum placed on outerwear. At the time, wearing a jacket or coat over my little party dresses seemed to defeat the purpose of dressing up (and back then I was all about showing off my new dresses). One day I asked why she always insisted I wear them, especially when it was mid summer, and she knew I'd take it off immediately after our arrival?

Her answer was plain and simple- it just didn't look finished without one.

Even with her explanation I still didn't understand, but it obviously struck a chord (a very confused chord) within me because today, it's one of my most vivid memories from childhood. Yes folks, my mum had me doing the blogger jacket drape long before it was even a thing.

Since growing up, much has changed. My favourite piece of clothing nowadays IS in fact outerwear. I rarely leave home without some form of external layer, be it a jacket or coat or even just a scarf in summer. Throwing on that something extra immediately 'smarts' up an outfit and lends a certain sophistication don't you think?
So tell me readers, are you also an outwear addict? 

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Monday, April 1, 2013

April Showers $500 Giveaway

Hi friends, oh do I have a treat for you today. Together with some amazing bloggers we've teamed up to bring you the mother of all giveaways. April Showers usually brings May flowers, but this April Shower can bring you a $500 VISA Gift Card! I know, I know, after all it is April Fools Day but let me promise you this giveaway is the real deal. 

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