Monday, January 28, 2013

Wardrobe Diaries: Winter Layering

Lately I've rediscovered this beautiful woolen coat in my closet. For the longest time I wasn't quite sure how to incorporate it into my outfits. The loose fit and awkward length makes it difficult to pair with your usual jeans and t-shirt uniform. Well, as it turns out that very same loose fit and awkward length are what makes this coat so perfect for layering.

Unless you're either French or an Olsen, most women I know have a little self doubt when it comes to layering. While I've yet to fully master the art myself, there's a few basic principals I've learnt so far along the way. Scroll down to read my basic guide on layering.

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The Basic Guide to Wearing Layers

1. Start with a shirt/blouse then add, add, add.
When it comes to layering it's never just a shirt and jacket, there is always three or more elements involved. Whether it's the shirt-sweater-coat approach or a blouse-blazer-cape, the bare minimum requires a base layer, intermediate layer and outer layer, not to mention all the accessorizing, but we'll get to that later.

2. Stick to the triangle formula.
Picture a triangle, now apply the same logic to your outfit. If you're wearing a chunky sweater and coat then keep your bottoms streamlined and minimal, think skinny jeans, tights, peg leg trousers etc. If boyfriend jeans are more your thing, then pair them with pumps or flats that reveal a little skin, ankle skin that is.

3. Keep colours/patterns in the same family.
Keeping to a similar colour palette adds depth and dimension to a layered look. It's much more effective and aesthetically pleasing than layering different colours. Neutrals in varying shades work best.

4. Always accessorize. 
Be it hats, sunglasses, gloves, belts, statement shoes, luxe handbags, bouncy blow waves, kohl eyes or all of the above. If you've choosen the path to layering then know that more is more. The key is to look effortless and never like you're trying too hard.

5. Finish off with a scarf (or fur collar in this case).
French women are never without scarves and they know a thing or two when it comes to layering. In fact they practically invented it. A scarf not only helps tie an outfit together but is the easiest accessory to change up for different looks and when in a flattering shade even eliminates the need for make-up. Here's a whimsical little article titled: Why French Women Wear Scarves.

I would love to know if you have any tips on layering. Have you given it a try lately?


Mrs C said...

Great layering tips and I love the grey tone outfit. The hat sort of pull everything together, nice and chic!

Greetings from Dubai!
New post up, check it out :)

Carelia said...

I found your picture on Pinterest and I had to click and see picture's source. I am glad I did ;-), I love your blog and particularly this post, great layering work. I will be following you.

Unknown said...

the layering is quite awesome actually, i think you have mastered it!!!! this is a great guide.....a lot of women i know need to read this :)
brooke @ what2wear

Ali said...

Great outfit!!! You look so beautiful in these pictures!!

Unknown said...

Love the hat!!! beautiful!

<3 Val

Simona said...

You don't have to doubt no more, you nailed the art of layering, and surpassed any French women, gorgeous hat too!

Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

Love how you provided advice, instead of just pictures. I always provide some type of tips on each blog post too - or try to - because it adds more value.

Good job layering. I'll remember the triangle formula.

Girlie Blog Seattle | Cheap Makeup Reviews

Unknown said...

cool layers!

xoxo from rome

Anonymous said...

LOVE that assym look of the sweater...

Jeans and a Teacup said...

Love the layering tips! You look perfect!
Jeans and a Teacup

Always Maylee said...

Um, I think this might be one of my favorite outfit of yours! LOVE the layering! You are already a cold weather layering pro. You look so pretty and the hat is adorable! :)

xo, Yi-chia
Always Maylee

Sheila said...

Love all the layers!! Cute hat!

xo - Sheila

Rachel said...

Amen to the triangle rule! I have a tiny bottom, so I can emphasize that with lots of layers on top. Or if I want to hide my bottom, I can choose the right shoes to counteract that. You look lovely in that hat, BTW!

Anonymous said...

Amazing outfit! You look great with the hat. Thanks for the layering tips.


Anonymous said...

I love this coat so much!! You look lovely all layered up and still as chic as ever!

Gracey the Giant said...

You did a wonderful job with styling that gorgeous jacket. You look so chic!

Liz Stevens said...

This is such a great outfit! I love layers so this is right up my ally! I need to wear more hats! You look so cute in yours!


Emily {Isnt That Charming} said...

Perfectly done. I always have a hard time layering but these ideas help!
Isn’t That Charming.

Anonymous said...

Just beautiful Jenee! I think the Olsen twins would be dying to copycat this look;) You have definitely mastered layering here and I love all the tips, especially staying in the same color family. xoxo

Jen said...

I love love love this look. This is one of my favorite layered looks ever!

from prosecco to plaid said...

Obsessed with that coat and obsessed with this outfit! The colors are perfect together and I love the layering. Great how-to guide, as well! Thank you for your sweet, sweet comment on my blog today!!!! So glad you like my blog name (and prosecco, of course)! ;) xo, Julie

The Avenue Vee said...

This is such a great post of the basics of layering and some of your tips are very helpful. I agree that layering can be challenging and/or intimidating for some (and I can be one of those). However if you stick to the basics at the very least you can't really go wrong. Thank you for this!

- Vee

Chelsea Olivia said...

I love your layering in this. Like, LOVE. Love the mix of fabrics and knits as well!

Olive & Ivy

Kelly said...

I love this whole look, especially the floppy hat, shoes, and the pop of color from the bag!

Sparkles and Shoes

Unknown said...

looove the layering work you did there. asymmetry of the sweater worked out beautifully with the the jacket and blouse.

Unknown said...

I love the layering going on here and the asymmetrical look of that sweater!
What a great inspiration!

The Weekend Diary

Xenia Olivia said...

You rock those layers! What a nice blog you've got here! Would you like to follow each other? :)

xx Olivia

Olivia's choice

Stephanie said...

I love the neutral colors and the layers! The knit looks so cozy!

Allison said...

You have totally made this jacket look amazing! I also have some jackets with the same shape that have been sitting in my closet- I have inspiration now!! This look is one of my favorites, seriously. And all of your tips are awesome- love thinking of it as a triangle!!

A's Fashion Files
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fabulouspetite said...

I agree, layering to me is a scary territory. I think that i look fat because of those layers and layers. Oh Jenee, i just love that sweater of yours and this whole outfit. You are one super chic mama and you have 2 children, super hot !


Amy said...

great layering pieces!

xx Amy
Leopard and Lillies

CoastWithMe said...

Layering perfection! Such a gorgeous look! And I love the accessories too!! Chic, stylish, and bold :)!

The Dragonfruit said...

Oh wow, I love this layered outfit! You did so flawlessly <3
Also, you rock a floppy hat like no other!

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Trendy Teal

Anonymous said...

Great layering, and I love the fur collar!

Unknown said...

Love that jacket and the way that you styled it Jenee. Gray is coming in again for Fall so you will be able to wear it for awhile!
xo Mary Jo

Unknown said...

Quelle allure ! I like this style !

Mrs C said...

Great tips on layering and I totally agree! The hat pulls together this whole look. Fabulous!

Greetings from Dubai!
New post is out, check it out!

Alyssa said...

I live by the triangle rule–it's the only thing that's brought me remotely close to being a good layerer (and really, I'm not that good). You are totally rocking this look–love the whole post!

The Glossy Life

Unknown said...

You look gorgeous! This look is everything! The layering is perfect!


Chocolate Cookies & Candies said...

I love these tips, Jenee. The triangle rule is brilliant. I never quite understood the art of layering until I moved to the UK. I barely survived the first year in London where I'd a couple of REALLY thick layers and risked being roasted alive when I got into a tightly packed tube.

Bettina said...

Great post on layering! True ode to the lovely women in France who layer so effortlessly!

Devon - InformedStyle said...

Great tips - layering can be a challenge, especially when one has a fear of making themselves look bigger than they actually are (or causing spectators to wonder exactly what you're trying to hide under all that fabric...)
Baby steps, lots of practice, and getting up a bit of courage are key!


Cee said...

Rediscovering forgotten pieces in your own closet is the best feeling! Your coat is lovely and it makes such a wonderful layering piece, especially over your floaty dress and chunky knit. Your layering tips are great - you seem to have it down to a science, so thanks for sharing your strategies :)

Crazy Style Love said...

Oh my goodness, I'm madly in love with this outfit! I think you get the award for queen of layering! :) Great tips too! Seriously, this is one of my favourite looks ever!

xo Jenny

Erin said...

you layer like a pro! i love the grey sweater and that hat is gorg!


Erin @

Unknown said...

I also have a lot of clothes they are waiting for their time ;)
fantastic look! <3 lucky your winter is so mild!

Greetings from Berlin

The Sunny List said...

This outfit came out great! Love how you incorporated red, the boots are amazing.
Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'm your newest follower, hope to see you around soon !

Lindsay K said...

Great layering tips. I find that I'm always warmer when I have a camisole on if possible.

Unknown said...

Too cute!


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